11-15-2017 Formalism, Photography, and Social Space

10-20-2017 Psychoanalysis and Politics Now

5-1-2017 Red May

11-17-2016 The Politics of Form

10-29-2016 Past and Present: Loyola Victorian Conference

10-10-2016 V21 Collective Special Issue of Boundary2

6-1-2016 Chicago Law

5-20-2016 “Novel Marxisms” Center for the Study of the Novel, Stanford University

4-22-2016 LACK

3-2016 Plenary: Towards a Strategic Presentism, Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Studies Association

2-2016 Visiting Professorship, Center for Expanded Poetics, Concordia University

1-9-2016 What Theory Can Do For The Victorians, MLA, Austin

1-7-2016 Lukas’s Theory of the Novel at 100: Historicism, Realism, Critique, MLA, Austin

10-29-2015 “States of Psychoanalysis” talk, Harvard University Mahindra Center

10-09-2015 V21 Collective Symposium

8-7-2015“Road To Nowhere: On Alberto Toscano and Jeff Kinkle’s Cartographies of the Absolute”

8-1-2015 cfp for LACK, the inaugural conference for a new Lacanian organization

5-26-2015 Debt and the American Dream

2-2015 “TransFormations of Capital,” Institute for Advanced Study Winter School, Universitat Bern

1-2015 “In Praise of Flatness,” MLA, Vancouver

3-22-2014: Helen Tartar Memorial